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We are your finest source for high-quality Texas Wild Smilax. We have owned East Texas Smilax for approximately 15 years, using the same grower, assuring extremely high standards of quality and reliability. Event coordinators, decorators, wedding planners and retail florists depend on East Texas Smilax for the very best product and service.


Texas Wild Smilax

  •   Very versatile, hearty and attractive fresh cut vines
  •   Easily covers arches, candelabras, columns, stairways, ceilings, tents
  •   Beauty and affordability make it perfect for weddings and other events
  •   Available 9 months of the year; out of season from approximately April 1 to July 1 of every year
  •   Smilax is clean and ready to use right out of the bag
  •   Smilax, when hearty, will keep in a cooler for three weeks or more
  •   There are about 115-125 feet of vines in a bag, all usable lengths
  •   Bags weigh about 12-13 pounds each


Payment is due upon receipt of emailed invoice. On the invoice, there is a place for credit card payment. Payment can also be made by mailing a check to the address on the invoice.


  • Southwest Air Cargo (SW):

    We normally ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week from Dallas. The freight is about $52 on the first bag, but the more shipped on Southwest, the freight will reduce dramatically. An invoice will be emailed on the day of shipping with the Airbill number, flight number and time of arrival.

  • FedEx:

    We ship FedEx on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, and the cost per bag is about $40 to $50 per bag depending on location. We prefer to ship Standard Overnight, and can also do 2nd Day shipping weather permitting, Priority and Ground Only shipping to California. The tracking numbers will be found on the emailed invoice.

  • Lone Star Overnight (LSO):

    We ship on LSO in Texas and close surrounding states on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, and the cost per bag is about $25 to $40 depending on location. It is normally next day service.

Care of Smilax:

Upon receipt of smilax, if double-bagged, remove the outer bag and discard, open bag, fluff a little, spritz lightly with water, close and put in a cooler. Do NOT take smilax out of the bag until you are ready to use; it will NEVER go back in!

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